Welcome to Accommodating By Nature!

Do you need a more time to run your business and do the things that matter? Are you mired down in the bog of day to day routine time-consuming tasks? Let Accommodating By Nature take care of those for you, leaving you time to run your business more efficiently and profitably. 

I can also assist you with meeting and event planning, travel arrangements for you and employees or clients, and a host of other small routine tasks that don’t require another full-time employee. Need to know about your competition? I can do competitive surveys.

The advantages of outsourcing for a small business are tremendous.  You save time, money and risk. You have no worry about payroll taxes, health insurance and other employee-related costs or responsibilities. When you save money and time your business grows faster and you conduct your business more efficiently.

I offer businesses and individuals a variety of virtual services such as:

  • Administrative support
  • Event planning and management
  • Hotel and flight booking
  • Custom needs
  • Hospitality task-forcing

Lets schedule a free consultation by phone to assess your needs, or e-mail your needs to open a conversation and evaluation to best determine cost.

Accommodating By Nature (916) 396-0942 marie@accommodatingbynature.com