The Up and Under Pub and Grill

The Up and Under Pub

My friend and I were doing a job in Richmond, CA yesterday and in wanting to lunch at a local flavor place were recommended to head into Point Richmond (4 minutes from where we were). It was, we were told, a quaint little area that used to be the “downtown” of Richmond. It is literally a sweet little area from the 1800’s with Victorians perched on hillsides.

After driving around the area, we found The Up and Under Pub & Grill at 1 West Richmond Avenue, and because parking was easy, decided to give it a try. I’m so glad we did! There were a few people seated at the big wooden bar, and a few more at tables. The main bar area (pictured above) has the lovely feel of an English pub replete with Rugby team scarves lining the walls at the ceiling. A copper/bronze looking ceiling reflected the sunshine coming in the front door, exacerbating the warm, relaxing environment.

It took a few minutes to decide what to have as everything looked good – my friend decided on the Outside Center (cheese burger) with bleu cheese and half order cole slaw and half order fries. I ordered the Dirty Hooker – a grilled cheese sandwich on toasted sour dough with provolone, cheddar, Parmesan, bacon, sliced tomato and grilled onions along with cole slaw. A pint of red ale and a Guinness rounded out our meal. YUM! The provolone, bacon tomato and grilled onions made the BEST grilled cheese sandwich I have ever tasted!

The service, while most attentive, could have been a wee bit faster, but considering it was otherwise a relaxed Sunday afternoon (I’m sure we were the only ones working besides the service staff) it was not an inconvenience.

Not only do I want to come back and explore this delightful little Bay Area village for it’s Historical value, but I know any time I am in the area, will make it a point to visit the Up and Under Pub and Grill!

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